„You can encounter anything on the sea, and some things you simply cannot predict. Every problem though has its solution. We happen to know hundreds of people worldwide, who will give you that solution. Sail out of a dock with the feeling, that a strong team is backing you anytime. "
Radka Sikorová
RS Yachts
12 years we take care of our clients, so they can enjoy their cruise without concerns. All you have to do, is to choose a ship and enter the term of your vacation into your diary. We´ll take care of everything else.

Do you want to know what to do
when something went wrong?

Call us. Thanks to cooperation with the hundreds of reliable partners we can take care about you anywhere in the world.

Do you want to spend
as much time as you can on the sea?

We will arrange that you ship will be cleaned and will have a system check, so it will be in top shape for you to take it out on the sea immediately.

Do you want to be sure, that your ship is in shape even out of the season? 

We will take care of its winterizing and spring service.

Do you want to avoid
complicated paperwork when purchasing a ship?

Dont worry, that is our job.

3 most important things which you get from us

Partners who you can trust

Who will assure you with quality more efficiently, than the best known companies in the field? Ships we sell are provided due to our cooperation with Princess Yachts and Sessa Marine. We can lend you a ship, thanks to the Neo Yachting company. We also cooperate with Dominator Yachts, creator of sublime Ilumen.

Our Partners
Our Partners
Contact network

Contact network anywhere in the world

What will give you a bigger feeling of security, than hundreds of related people in docks worldwide, ready for your phonecall.

Contact network

Care about anything what you need

What will make you feel more comfortable, when you know, that you have with you a team of people, who will take care of everything for you?

Zařídíme še co potřebujete
Zařídíme še co potřebujete