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Europe offers a tremendous amount of attractive temptations in a fairly small area. From the easily accesible european docks, you can sail out to enjoy the calming rhytm of the Mediterranean life, or perhaps the natural beauty of the shores of the North Sea.

Explore the shores of european nations, and admire the unique atmoshpoere of the ports, where history was written.



The unrepeatable expirience and atmosphere of the asian siaside towns and cities attracts more and more yachters. Whether you want to spend a telaxing calm vacation far away from civilization, or wish to enjoy the wild parties at the ports, Asia is the ideal choice.

Sail on to the lands, which meant a promise of adventure and learning about entirely new cultures for the first seafarers. 



The Carribbean will steal your heart with its perfectly clean waters and engaging small islands, where time loses its sense, and there is no need to hurry anywhere. Your memories of the heavenly vacation will be accompanied by the swinging thytms of music, the flavour of fish, and the taste of fresh coconut milk. 

Enjoy the sunny days and a perfect sea at one of the most astonishing island regions of the world.

We can arrange you a ship wherever on the world you decide, including North and South America, Africa, Middle East, Oceania or even in the Antarctic.

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We are cooperating with a major french company NEO Yachting. Out of 58 yachts from their fleet we choose together the one, which you will beel the most comfortable with.

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